Thursday, 4 September 2014



where am I? on the landing

what am I wearing? animal print dress, flip flops

what's the sky like? very blue

what's motivating me? clearing the living room, headache


where am I? at the charity shop

what am I wearing? animal print dress, leggings, black shoes

what's the sky like? still blue, very sunny!

what's motivating me? romance! a lovely couple came in and were disappointed to see we had no wedding dresses for sale, poked around in the back and found three of which one fitted. Gorgeous dress, £35, everyone was happy. 


where am I? in the garage

what am I wearing? as 2pm

what's the sky like? not visible but seconds earlier it was grey

what's motivating me? squeezing the sofa into the garage, transporting the rabbits to East Lancs for theit holiday.

Spend? £4.99 on a smart winter dress. 


  1. I bought my dress at a CS but I paid £50, I feel robbed lol x

    1. Ha! If it makes you feel any better, this was was originally around £50 but it had been hanging around for ages so it was reduced to £35. I think it just needed the right person as it had been altered first time round.

      I take my hat off to anyone who buys a beautiful wedding dress then donates rather than selling it.

  2. Replies
    1. It was lovely to make someone so happy.