Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunday - Start of a Big Week


What am I wearing? Blue spots and stripes pyjamas

Where am I? under a quilt on the sofa

What's the sky like? grey with promise of blue

What's motivating me? buying a dog crate, match of the day, second cup of tea, relaxation, nicely shaped lightbulbs, dusting, a new month


What am I wearing? purple glittery tunic (scratchy), black leggings, sandals

Where am I? in the kitchen

What's the sky like? blue with huge clouds

What's motivating me? using up some spinach, a week of reheating not cooking, wrapping ornaments, clearing the downstairs rooms, a fresh start, space, putty


What am I wearing? as 2pm

Where am I? in the dining area , at the ironing board

What's the sky like? kind of grey

What's motivating me? ironing, quilting, four more days of tile dodging, filing drawers for sale, cook books, cupboard organisation, the weird smell of the food mixer, jammie dodgers.