Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rip It Up And Start Again

This was going to be about the garden, but the garden is just another illustration of what started with the floor. It turns out that when people ask me what I do all day and I answer "whatever I want" that's not really true. Dan and I have had a weekend of discussing how much we do things we think we should do (for whatever reason) rather than what we really want to do. We almost ended up with laminate flooring because we thought it was the sensible thing to do as we couldn't afford wood and we could probably never have what we really wanted. At the last second Dan piped up that he would rather continue without the floor than have laminate, I was relieved. Turns out Polyflor was within reach after all. We just needed to be honest. Anyway.

I think it's kind of an obligation for us to grow some veg as it's a bit selfish of us to have this amount of space and to not grow something edible. At the start of the year Father kindly gave us some runner beans, spring onions, onion sets and strawberry plants. We dug up a bit of the lawn and planted them. We also planted some packets of lettuce and tomatoes Dan had received as a Secret Santa gift, and of course an assortment of herbs.

It all grew amazingly well. How much of it have we appreciated? Not much. 

The amount of water to grow and wash the lettuce is astounding and it's a right load of faff, Dan hates strawberries and can't eat tomatoes so they've been a bit of a waste - well the blackbirds have enjoyed most of the fruit, the herbs, used a few but not many, beans have been shoved in the freezer. The only real success have been the onions. I love having a big pile of onions in the garage. That makes sense to me. So next year, no matter what people offer us, we will grow what we know we'll eat, and maybe a few strawberries for the birds. 

Secondly, and probably more controversial than the garden thing, I don't like the countryside

I mean, I'm happy that it's there, I like looking at it as I travel through it, but as far as being in it is concerned, no thanks. I have freed myself from the tyranny of pretending I'm ever going to stomp around The Lakes, other than maybe getting myself up Orrest Head, and I've donated my walking trousers.  I like walking, I'll walk for as many miles as you like, just not through a field. 

Next on my hitlist is the skirt I'm wearing today. There's nothing wrong with it, it suits me, it fits, and in theory should be really versatile. But it isn't and I hate the fact it loiters around in my wardrobe. Even wearing it to the shop - where I don't want to wear anything nice annoys me. So after today it's being downgraded to round the house only, and to be honest, maybe not even that. 

I'm delving into the kitchen this morning, I feel as though I want a total overhaul of my diet and need to get to grips with what I have. That food processor should be worried too. 


  1. I agree about growing only what you're going to eat. When I first had an allotment I grew lots of different things, but nowadays I stick to what we'll eat only, as anything else is a waste of space. Potatoes, onions, beans, spring onions, lettuce and strawberries are the main things I grow now and stick to it.

    I agree about lettuce being a pain to wash. I use a salad spinner and find it does make life a lot easier. Although it's just another gadget, I use it a lot and couldn't be without mine.

    1. It's easy to get sucked in isn't it.

      We do have a salad spinner, but it's still a lot of soil and creatures!

  2. Sounds like a great day of planning - I agree with you in terms of the countryside.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. I am the complete opposite - I love the countryside. I thoroughly enjoy going to London for the day but I am so glad to get home to the peace and quiet! Give the skirt to the charity shop and be done with it xxx

    1. Thanks, you're right, it's going to the charity shop, when it's dry that is, I spilled a cup of tea all over it. That kind of sealed it for me!

      Father is like you in regards to the countryside, he despairs of me and how urban I am.