Monday, 22 September 2014

October Menu Plan

I'm really glad we had our walk to Lytham yesterday. We will walk there again throughout the Autumn and Winter but yesterday may have been the final time this year we could do it with light shoes and no coat. It was a bit chilly thins morning, the sun is out but my toes are cold with just my flip flops on. An ideal day to get stuck into the October menu plan. 

1. tacos
2. rogan mushrooms w. naan
3. easy lentil curry
4. soup and toasties

5. roast
6. leek and butterbean crumble
7. puy lentil pasta
8. jambalaya
9. green lentil hot pot
10 singapore noodles
11 pizza

12 roast
13 pearl barley broth
14 shepherdess pie
15 shepherdess pie
16 bean pasties w. patatas bravas
17 dhal
18 chilli

19 roast
20 roast veg pasta w. v-pud
21 sausage and mash
22 plaki w. bubble and squeak
23 stirfry
24 chickpea curry
25 soup and sandwich

26 out
27 porotos granados
28 chestnut pie
29 chestnut and sage risotto
30 lentil bol
31 curry


  1. Your menus always sound so interesting. I don't really publish mine as anyone reading might think I'm lacking in culinary imagination.

    1. Thanks. I probably do have 101 ways with lentils! I tend to cook similar things all the time so I think they're always a little bit similar. I think if you posted your plans up you would give people ideas for something different, or to make them feel like they're not the only one cooking "ordinary" food.

      The main thing is to enjoy it, whether it's new or an old favourite, I can assure you there is nothing fancy about my cooking!

  2. Hey, come on - I'm sure you can last out in flip flops until at least the end of October.

    1. Oh yeah, I was still in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Anyway, it was gorgeously warm again by the early afternoon.