Monday, 29 September 2014

Looking Out

More domesticity.

The garden is a bit of a mess at the minute. I haven't done anything out there for months. There are strawberry runners everywhere, things to be pulled out, and as you can see from the front of the picture, a new pile of mystery plants given to me yesterday by Father. 

Most of them are mystery plants, there are some bulbs, a pot of bare twigs, something quite bushy. There's something that may be a hellebore (please let it be so), a mock orange and a bushy thing that even I know to be a hebe. Clearing must be done in order to fit them in. Where they will go is anyone's guess.  I have to clear the strawberry bed as Father had no success with his this year so I'm donating my runners to him - they love strawberries, I'm not that bothered and Dan can't eat them. 

The garden is one of those things, I really want it to look nice, I really want to putter in it, but at the weekend Dan doesn't really want to do it and he won't sit out in the sun so it's a bit of a lonely job. He does enjoy the onions though!

As well as the mystery plants Father donated a bag of not at all mystery veg - two squash, leeks, a turnip, two small aubergines (I don't like them so Dan just went for two littlies) , a pile of chard and a couple of yellow courgettes. An amazing haul to end one month and start another. This should last us for a wee while and I'm looking forward to preparing it.

The leeks smell amazing, so they're on the list to be grown next time. I think chard could be a good bet too. 


  1. Those vegetables look yummy - let us know what you make with them.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Your garden is looking no too bad. Maybe you can do little bits of gardening whilst Dan is at work. One year I spent 19 minutes in the garden every night when I came home from work and it was looking nice. I should do that again.
    A nice selection of veg

    1. I love your choice of 19 minutes a day.

      I did start off doing a little bit each day during the week but got out of the habit when we started having people in and out doing various jobs. I kind of got behind with things and the garden was the thing that was left altogether. It was mainly the garage painting and someone to help with carrying. But I've made a start on both and will just get things done at a slower pace.