Monday, 4 August 2014

You Don't Have To Be Rich (to be my girl)

As mentioned we went to see Tom Jones at Lytham Proms on Saturday. He was actually very very good! I was particularly excited to hear him cover "Tower of Song" by Leonard Cohen. Anyway, my wellie wearing night out is not the point (although when we nipped out to buy wellies we found two plants we were after at the plant hospital for a couple of pounds each). 

The following morning, my brother and his girlfriend were still asleep for a few hours after we got up. It was so nice, we just relaxed. Normally even on a relaxing morning we'd do stuff. We'd be making plans, or puttering about in the house or garden, flicking through books or just talking about stuff. Yesterday we didn't, we just dozed on the sofa with the cycling on tv. When our guests arrived we lounged around drinking tea and chatting until lunchtime then we went to the rugby (Widnes beat Hull KR 28 - 10). 

It doesn't sound like much but it made me realise how little down time we really have, even when we're not doing anything we're usually doing something - reading, quilting, poking around on the internet. Our nothing is rarely nothing so occasionally a real dose of nothingy nothing is a very good thing. 


  1. I agree. Sometimes it seems like we've lost the nack of doing nothing, but it can be very restorative.

    1. Very true. It feels so odd that we had to be forced to do nothing in order to realise how much our "nothing" usually is!