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The drain man came on Friday afternoon. I liked him, he was way better than the plumber who didn't listen to me at all and seemed to have already decided what our problem was. The drain man had a thorough poke around, and seemed to be impressed and bemused in equal measure by the invisibility of our pipes. I have no experience of drain men but the price seems OK and he made noises that I was happy with. 

On Saturday we finally bit the bullet and went floor browsing. We started off at a showroom in Blackpool. I think calling it a showroom is probably making it sound far grander than it really was, but wow it was cheap! We spoke to a man who, for me, was an appropriate carpet bloke as he winked at us as he sent us on our way. We we sent off to the main warehouse, on an industrial estate somewhere deep in the heart of Blackpool to speak to a bloke who would take us into a special room "at the back, near the toilets" to look at the flooring we were after.

We arrived at the warehouse but were not greeted by Wolfie, we were greeted by someone who seemed suspicious of our motives for requiring a commercial grade floor. Eventually we spoke to the right person and were soon on our way with our little sample cards. Talks began and with must throcking back and forth we have decided on a colour. It's different to the floor I thought we were going to get but for very boring, practical reasons, it's the best thing. So, someone is coming round to measure up on Wednesday. 

We have to have a levelling layer put over our current concrete floor first, which thankfully this company will do, they're used to commercial work. To say I am nervous about the quote is putting it mildly, but it will be what it is and then we'll be done.  


  1. I don't want to put you off leveling material ( as opposed to the old fashioned alternative of boarding out the floor then laying down lino) but if your floor has the slightest bit of damp it will heave and break up. This is what happened to me in my old house.. the other thing about leveling material or whatever it's called is it usually takes 24 hours to set so the room will be a no go area for that time.
    Marmoleum ( old fashioned lino) is a lot different to modern vinyls...the former is warm and natural -

  2. Thanks.

    Because of our subfloor and the nature of the flooring we've chosen (which is more like marmoleum than modern lino ) it has to be a solid floor rather than boarded. The original floor in this house was marmoleum, which is one of the many reasons we've made this choice.

  3. lol. you obviously didn't give the bloke the right secret code.

    1. I did wonder if there was a special signal or secret handshake.


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