Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blam! And It Happens

Things picked up pretty quickly yesterday. 

The floor measurer arrived, without a tape measure, luckily I had one to hand. He said they'd get back to us with a quote before the end of the week. an hour later we received a phone call. I'm kicking myself a little as they wanted to do it next week, but on the day the drain guy is coming, so it's the week after. 

The quote was a lot less than we'd anticipated, probably because we went for the thinner tiles. So, next Wednesday morning the tiles are arriving, giving them plenty of time to acclimatise, then bright and early the following Thursday the screed layer will go down, then the following day the tiles will be fitted. I was relieved to hear that the screed only takes 5 hours to dry so we won't have to move out overnight. The tiles will take about 5-6 hours to lay so I'll probably take myself off into town for the morning to get out of the way. 

The electrician didn't show up, but you can't have everything can you? That's not quite as urgent a job though. We we discussing getting the furniture out of the living room for the floor fitters, and I already knew what Dan was going to say, long story short we're going to look for a sofa at the weekend. 

The shift at the charity shop was frustrating to say the least, I thought the worst was over but apparently not. One of my friends there (the person previously known as the nasty lady) gave me a heads up that I was being spoken about in ways I might not appreciate. Then to top it all pictures of our Christmas meal have been damaged to cut the old manager out! I mean, come on, how pathetic is that?

On the other hand Blam! was amazing! So unusual, fun, energetic and LOUD. A lot of the discount tickets had been given/sold to youngstrels, which was at times a little annoying as the lad in front of me felt the need to add a running commentary of the entire show. On the other hand, having a lot of younger people in the audience added a nice energy. It was very disappointing that an argument broke out behind us which resulted in someone being asked to leave the theatre! Thankfully I'd already decided to see the show again so I'll be able to see it all unhindered by two men arguing about crisps. 

I'm starting to think we just sit in the right place for such excitement. I blamed the violence on stage for last night's disharmony in the crowd. Last year when we went to see The Mousetrap at the same venue, a lady collapsed part way through the show. Who knows what might happen next time? 


  1. I'm always amazed by the commentary at the theatre. JUST WATCH IT!

    I posted your knives yesterday, sorry it's taken so long.

    1. I know, I always say to Dan that if I can keep my big mouth shut for an hour and a half then it must be easy for most people!

      Thanks for posting the knives, looking forward to testing them out.

  2. Wow, drama on the stage and off. Is this theatre in the round?
    Love from Mum

    1. I'm starting to think so! That, or I'm having even more difficulty in seeing the difference between fiction and reality.

  3. That was quite an eventful day. Hope the second viewing of the show is much better.