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Bargain of the Week

No freebies this week, unless you count cutting open the toothpaste and sun cream for one last blob when we "ran out". I'm testing out Sainsbury's basics toothpaste this time round, initial impressions are good. 

My bargain of the week is the brooch pictured above. It was on a cushion with a ton of other brooches in the charity shop. This one stood out as it wasn't the usual glittery floral thing we get in. It's a Lord Python (Sheffield) stainless steel affair, I think it's very cute. And for 99p I'm not going to complain. I also picked up a green and blue bag, but it has the smell, so it's not allowed in the house yet. 

The plumber is coming back today as the noise hasn't gone away. The noise has changed, but it hasn't gone. Plus now the shower drips. In positive news we may well go floor shopping this weekend. We didn't make it last weekend as Dan revealed he really really really doesn't want a wooden floor, he wants marmoleum. An exceptionally good choice in my view. 


  1. That's a lovely brooch - very unusual. I've started hunting in charity shops for jewellery, you can always find something different.

    1. Thanks, it really stood out against everything else.

  2. Lovely brooch, as above says it's very unusual.

    Could I suggest watching The Good Wife as it's on Netflix, I watched it on C4 catchup for years but it has the first four seasons on Netflix. I made my DD and next door neighbour watch it ..........quick before your trial runs out.

    I'm trying to work out how to add your blog to my side bar, it keeps crashing x

    1. Thanks.

      I've seen a couple of episodes of The Good Wife when it's been on tv, I'll see how much of it we can get through before the trial ends.

      I can be of no help about the sidebar, sorry! Have a good weekend.


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