Friday, 29 August 2014

Another Shop Whinge

On Wednesday, my favourite co-vol asked if I was available to work this morning as she thought she would be on her own. Deputy manager said she'd check and call me to let me know yesterday. No call. I thought I'd nip in this morning just to make sure I wasn't needed, to be welcomed with open arms and told deputy manager had said she didn't know why it was up to her to let me know if I was needed, it was up to someone to sort the rota out beforehand.

At the moment, as you probably know, we have no manager. This makes me wonder who might be responsible for doing the job of a manager when there is no manager available..? 

This has not been a good week in this aspect of my life.

However we are off to Middlesbrough to a MIMA talk about chance in art, should be good. 


  1. Surely the Deputy Manager should make decisions now. If not I wonder what she IS responsible for. I had a very quiet afternoon at the CS today. Not many people around and not much money available for spends. I spent most of the time sorting displays and marking down older stock. The hanging racks are pristine and the books and CDs lined up to perfection.

    1. Quite. I don't think it's an unreasonable assumption to believe a deputy manager assumes the duties of the manager when the manager isn't there. Apparently not!

      Not many folk around here yesterday either, but we sold some electricals, so that bumped up the takings nicely. Sounds like you were productive.

    2. I completely agree with you: in fact, I'm pretty sure it's in the job description of a deputy manager. If the deputy manager can't do it, then the manager's boss or a temporary replacement should surely be drafted in.

      Lizzie's Daily Blog

    3. It infuriates me that money raised for the charity is going to pay the wages of someone who won't do a tap above the bare minimum.