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An Ill Wind

I've spoken before about how sometimes we have to trick ourselves into believing certain things as it helps us to get through a period where we have to sacrifice things or live in a certain way. Yesterday I saw the negative side of that. Unless you glaze over very quickly you'll be aware I am a supporter of Widnes Vikings. If you've been reading recently you'll know we were playing in the Challenge Cup Semi Final yesterday at Leigh Sports Village. It didn't go well. 

Of course we lost, lost to a very good Cas side, they're fantastic to watch and I have a not-so-secret-mega-crush on their coach Daryl Powell. That was not the worst thing by a long way. The worst thing was the behaviour of some of our fans. Here's the edited highlights - throwing bottles at the Castleford team coach, throwing a flare, invading the pitch, causing aggro with the (exceptionally patient) stewards and all manner of other pathetic behaviour. All live on the BBC. 

At pretty much every home game Dan and I have comments directed at us from a fellow home supporter and her friends because Dan asked one of their party not to use a racist term when we played Bradford last season. According to them it's called supporting your team, apparently little is off limits for some. There's no sense of personal responsibility, never their fault, always their attitude that's right, their words and behaviour are passion and everyone else is a killjoy. 

There's a lot of talk about channeling passion, if people can be so creative and work together so well for ill then what great things could be achieved if people used this abundance of energy for good? It makes me think about myself, what can I do better and to make things more positive, what do I let slip by without taking a stand and do I live according to the standard I believe I set for myself? I have a lot to think about today, and I think the shameful behaviour of others might help me to make my world a bit better.