Thursday, 28 August 2014

All Glamour, All The Time

I had an annoying day at the charity shop yesterday. More of the same from the inside, plus a very unpleasant and the saga of the table.

A lady came into the shop wanting to buy a small table, she handed over her card and I read out the price to my co-vol.

Woman: It's not £3.99 it's £8.99
Me: there's a reduced sticker here
Woman: TUT. I can't use my card now
Me: you can pay £8.99 if you like**
Woman *death stare*

So after lots of faff and huffing around she found something else to take her spend up to a fiver so she could use the machine. This is where the trouble began. My co-vol made a mistake with the till, the deputy manager didn't know how to void it, so instead of just putting the sale through and dealing with it when the shop was quiet, we had a load of messing about. The woman by this time was pretty cross and started having a go at my co-vol (I was off doing something else by this point). 

Woman: Well, you can't expect service and for you to know what you're doing, you're only volunteers
Co-vol: *death stare*
Deputy Manager: *silence*
Woman: I don't mean to be funny but I don't want to spend all day in here with you I have things to do you know
Co-vol 2 (in an effort to restore harmony): Shall we call you a taxi while you pay for your stuff, save you walking to the station?  
Woman: Yes, you can do.

Taxi arrived, the woman left, we all looked at each other, shrugged and moved on. Two minutes later, the taxi driver came to the counter wanting to use our dustpan and brush, the glass tabletop smashed when it was put into the taxi. 

Oh dear. 

About an hour later I happened to stick my head out of the door, what do I see? Broken glass all over our forecourt. Co-vol 2 was about to leave, so I helped her to clear it up so she didn't have to drive over it, and it was just the right thing to do of course. I was just about to return to the shop with my bag of glass when I noticed a large pile of glass. It appears the taxi driver swept the glass out of the car then dumped it in the small garden area at the front of our forecourt. I was furious. What choice did I had but to clear it up? It was unsightly, dangerous and it would have reflected badly on the charity to leave it there. Fine. 

An hour later the Estate Agent from two doors down came in, he informed me he'd seen the whole affair, noted that I'd spent a good long time clearing up the mess, but that he'd seen a couple of pieces still around so would I deal with them. OK, I accept that I'd started the job so I suppose it was my responsibility, but I just thought what on Earth am I doing this for, I don't do this mush sweeping at home!

The one positive was that a lady walked past, commented that I was a good girl for cleaning it up (I'm nearly 40) and right there and then got her phone out and called the taxi firm to complain about the driver's behaviour. You wouldn't believe how much that raised my spirits. There were also nice biscuits. 

Speaking of spirits, or something similar, I picked up the phonecard/keyring for my brother for 29p, he loves a drop of sherry, it's just the ticket. 

** Yes, I'm already aware that I'm already out of the running for the Customer Service Representative of the Year award.


  1. Oh my I can relate to this.

    On our field there is a small community centre and they rent it out occasionally. One week they rented it out for a party which got way out of control and to cut a long story short there were beer bottles and broken glass every where. Apparently it was so out of control they had ooodles of Police arrive.

    We came onto the field in the morning to walk the dogs and the girls who hired the hall were trying to clean up the mess and told us what had happened. We took the dogs home and came back with gloves and bags and spent two hours clearing the field of glass so we could walk the dogs. The girls were really grateful and they were in deep trouble with their parents.

    When we were about to go one of the Mothers from the enclosed play park came over, looked down her nose and said " There's some glass in the park area are you going to pick it up?"

    I must have had steam coming out of my ears as I explained the mess was nothing to do with us we were only clearing up for the dogs and if there is a load of glass in the play area why were all the Mums letting their kids play in there before it had been cleared up...........maybe instead of chatting and letting your kids run through it they could muck in and help clear up grrrrrrrrr

    You know the saying, no good deed goes unpunished x

    1. That is exactly the phrase! I can imagine you were fuming, it's the attitude isn't it, as you say looking down their nose at you as though because you're clearing up then that's all you must be good for.

  2. At least your efforts were noted: you did the right thing. We all get horrible customers/horrible encounters but as long as you still enjoy your work, don't let them get to you.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Thanks. The amount of wonderful people I come into contact with is just about keeping me hanging in there at the minute!