Thursday, 3 July 2014

Win Win Win

I didn't feel too much like a winner yesterday, until we took ourselves off to The Grand in Blackpool to watch Avenue Q. We got the tickets with some of our Christmas money, so it seems like an age since we decided to go. Well worth the wait. Although getting to spend any amount of time in such a great building is a wonderful thing. 

It was a bit dull and dreary when I got up this morning but as it was Lancashire market day I headed out. Everyone seemed very cheerful on the way into the town/beach/park and I had a little chat and exchanged greetings with a few people, always nice.  I nipped in to J.R Taylor to have a look at the pretty things and ended up talking to someone who used to manage the shop where I volunteer. I had a poke around some of the charity shops where I found some unworn office wedge sandals, just what I'd been looking for. I'd like to say they were bargain of the century but they weren't. I'd set myself a budget of £12.99 and they were less than that so that's fine. 

Time to have a look at the market. There weren't quite as many stalls there today I don't think, but the main contenders were still in evidence. I headed over to the black pudding stand with my £2.20 in hand to buy a V-pud but as I was waiting (there's always a queue at this stall) I spotted something else that Dan loves 

Veggie haggis! We usually buy another brand but it tastes a little too much of marg for my liking so I thought I'd give this a go. The picture on the front is a little distressing though. 

I munched my way through bread, crackets and chips with various chutneys and jams (restricted myself to two jars), one from a lovely lady named Hannah and the other from a stall I've bought from before Spice Up Your Life. The products are made by users of the Ormerod Trust which works with adults and children with disabilities. 

Of course I am in love with the V-pud man, but today I am also in love with the veg lady. I've bought bedding plants from her before but never veg. I decided to try some golden beetroot, it looked amazing under all the mud.Then she brought out the free samples - candied and garlic roasted golden beetroot. Yuuuuuuuuuum. 

So the menu plan is changing today, I couldn't find any exciting looking mushrooms anywhere, si we're having roast veg orzo with garlic golden beetroot and v-pud instead. Should set us up for a stressful night watching Widnes v Castleford. 

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