Thursday, 31 July 2014

Turning On The Style

In our minds our house is super stylish, we have a very clear idea of how we want it to look. At this point in time it does not look that way. 

We have taken steps this week to remedy that. Firstly, a plumber has worked his magic on the weird gurgly-vibrating sound, and I have had a lovely chat with his mate about Big Grey Bunny. Secondly, I have painted some woodwork, thirdly we are going to look at flooring on Saturday. The flooring is the single biggest thing we can do to make things look at bit less squatty. I am mindful that the price tag may well be fairly big too! 

I ended August £17.67 under budget. Half of that is down to the fact that the window cleaner didn't come, so that cash can just roll over to August. I will be focusing on getting the most from the pantry and getting as much done with things we already have during August. Much of our entertainment is already paid for - Tom Jones, the Challenge Cup semi final (although that may not be classed as "entertainment") and we're going to see a show called "Blam", which sounds like loads of fun. Every weekend is already filled so hopefully that should keep the spending down a little bit - famous last words!


  1. Well done on coming in under budget. I hope you'll show us the finished flooring.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks Mum. I can promise you there will be many pictures to share! Fingers crossed our budget matches our taste.