Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Trouble At t'Mill

Do you remember those old weather stations where there were two figures, one would pop out of the little house if the weather was fair, the other would pop out if the weather was foul? That's what the shop will be like today.

Relations have broken down so much with the manager, who leaves this week, and her deputy, that they can't and won't be in the same room together. So that should be fun. 

I must have either been very lucky with my previous places of employment or I've forgotten the finer details of the drama as I am astounded by the behaviour I've seen in the past weeks. And how much arguing is really required when it comes to buying a card? It's ridiculous. I'll be very glad when the next few weeks are out of the way, when the new manager is revealed and we can all move on. 

It's a good job I'm not interesting enough to gossip about. 


  1. I hope things sort themselves out when the new Manager comes then you can all settle down and not be on a knife edge.

    1. Thanks Julee. It wasn't that bad, although the atmosphere was very weird. I had lots of fun though and will be nipping in on Friday as we're having a little bit of a get together.