Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Menu Plan 6-12 July

A bit samey but it's what we're enjoying at the minute. I am now used to eating salad and want to eat it all the time. Having it all washed and ready to go makes things so much easier. Same with the massive dish of watermelon, I don't usually eat much fruit, but I find this hard to resist. 

6. salad (lettuce, spring onions, new potatoes, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot dressing, lemon and herb seeds) w. falafel

7. summer veg stew (red onion, roast leek, yellow courgette, pointy pepper, spinach, butter beans, tinned tomatoes, 2 tsp Hannah's mixed chilli chutney, oregano, thyme and lemon thyme from the garden). 

8. stuffed mushrooms w. roast veg.

9. pasties w. salad

10 mushroom & lentil curry w. bombay potatoes/cauli 

11 l/o

12 moussaka

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