Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Life's Too Short

to stuff a mushroom apparently. Well, I disagree. I stuffed six mushrooms last night and was all done and dusted by six o'clock. 

Dan and I have held clear the air talks about the house, and things in general. The main outcomes are that a plumber is coming over tomorrow evening to listen to our funny noise and we are going floor shopping on Saturday.

Today I am surrounded by lists, one shopping list, one inventory, one master to-do list, one jobs I need to do but have been putting off list, one list of plants we want to obtain (some of them are not euphorbia), one list of people to contact (repairs, jobs to do etc) and one list of weekend things.

As luck would have it the Local List arrived yesterday so it made some of the work a bit easier. I love this booklet, it advertises everything from plumbing to Paul's Miracle oil, from dance classes to New Horizons (a place for free thinkers, I think I might bump into my chap from the charity shop there). Useful and kind of cute. It really made me think about how much goes on even in a small, quiet place like this. There really more opportunities than we could ever take.