Friday, 4 July 2014


Even with a list I'm all over the place at the minute. After my mammoth shopping trip to the market yesterday I couldn't believe I came home without any potatoes. That particular cloud had a silver lining when Father handed me a bag of spuds and broad beans from his garden last night after the rugby (least said about that the better, other than we had someone singing live after the tries - song of choice "Business Time" by Flight of the Concords, and a man dressed as a tiger dancing to YMCA, fantastic). 

Dan's horrorshow at work continues and morale here is very low, so what should a housewife and cheerleader do? Stuff, morale lifting stuff. It appears, however, that what is morale lifting for one person is flipping exasperating for another. 

I thought I'd start small and do a couple of little jobs that are a source of annoyance but never quite enough to fix them there and then. I set about replacing a couple of hooks in the pantry that are too big for their purpose. Removed one no problem, couldn't get the new one in. Couldn't even remove the second one. It was only half past eight and I was already hot and bothered. 

And so on. 

Thankfully rabbit litter tray cleaning went well. 


  1. Lovely to have the potatoes and beans fresh from the garden, good old Dad! I hope your day improved xxx

    1. They're fantastic! My day continued to be wonky but I can't say it wasn't successful. A good start to the weekend.