Friday, 25 July 2014

Bottom of the Fridge Tea

Yes, I call dinner tea because I'm common. 

We've spent so much time eating salad for the past couple of weeks I had totally forgotten to buy any non-salad veg. For the previous evenings we'd been eating salad plus something, but by Wednesday I fancied a change. When I say fancied a change I mean I'd run out of tofu so we couldn't have BBQ tofu salad again.

I looked in the fridge and there wasn't all that much non-salad. So I poked in the freezer hoping for inspiration and found a blob of red Thai curry paste that had been in there for about a year, some peas and sweetcorn. Rescued a quarter of forlorn looking cauli, a little bit of orange pepper, some spinach and two spring onions from the fridge added some coconut and made curry. We had some soba noodles in the pantry (I had declared I didn't like them so they'd been hanging around for months) and when it was ready, topped it off with some cashews and seeds we use for with cereal or on our salads. 

It was delicious! I have no idea why I didn't enjoy the noodles last time, they were just what the doctor ordered. Dan declared it a top notch back to the wall meal so everyone was happy. Especially me as I didn't have to do the washing up. 

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