Monday, 14 July 2014

Blinds and Scotch Eggs

We did a lot of talking this weekend and concluded we were approaching a "blinds" situation. A "blinds" situation is the opposite of a "scotch egg" situation.

I mentioned The Scotch Egg Incident a really long time ago. This type of thing comes about when deprivation becomes too much and something has to give. A blinds incident is the opposite, this is when one of us (usually me) really really really really really wants to buy, do or achieve something yet it never happens. The original blinds incident came in summer 2009, but had started the previous September. It was agreed that when we'd saved up to buy the car (which was for both of us but Dan chose the one he really wanted) then a couple of things could come off my wishlist. It was no secret that I had always wanted blinds for the house so that was what I wanted as my thing. It never happened. Every month I mentioned it and every month we were blindless. 

It blew up in spectacular fashion when I refused to go out with our friends to see Blackpool Illuminations because I was invisible. We never bought blinds for the old house, but the lesson was learned.

Dan even passes this bit of wisdom on to his friends I discovered a couple of weeks ago. A work colleague was having a bit of marital disharmony so Dan floated the idea that maybe there was something his wife really wanted and he was putting it off. He said actually there was. Dan said "yep, it's usually blinds". Guess what, that's exactly what it was! 

All this to say that we talked about our spending and how we were avoiding the real stuff to do by leaving the house and spending on bits of nonsense that didn't improve things any in the long run. So we got out the blinds list and crossed a few things off. It's not all about shopping, it's just about prioritising and doing.  Shopping is easy, dealing with things is harder but more worthwhile. 


  1. I agree that often the things that get put off are the things that when you actually do them make the most difference to your life on an everyday basis. You often end up wondering why it took you so long to prioritise and do them.

    1. I know, we're such odd little creatures aren't we, going all round the houses for whatever reason.

  2. Well done for having a good honest conversation with one another and focusing on what you need.

    I usually pin my husband down when he's in the bath ( not literally) or when we're out having a coffee - he can't hide behind a book and has to listen and then respond... I have also over 20 years of marriage perfected a stare which means I'm not messing about... but I don't overuse it;-) ha ha ha

    1. It was good to do all the talking we did this weekend. Of course we were in agreement all along, we just needed to jiggle our words a little bit.

      I like your restricted use stare, sounds effective, ha!