Monday, 21 July 2014

All Change

Despite the fact the month doesn't have an R in it, I have been quilting, and I'm running low on blue to mix in with the grey for the spare bed quilt. Worrying times. 

My brother has just moved in with his girlfriend, so he's been clearing out 41 years worth of stuff and giving much of it to me to take to the shop. This generally means a bit of an odd exchange in the car park whenever we go to watch Widnes. The weird and wonderful things I took possession of this week did nothing to alter the perception of Widnes in the eyes of the opposition fans I fear. 

At this point I will mention Widnes beat dear neighbours Warrington 28-14 on Friday, this came as a shock to everyone other than my brother who placed a wager on it and won £251. Well done to fans of both teams for giving Widnes superfan Pat Price a decent send off. It was a very strange experience to not see Pat about the place and to think she never will be again - who will start the singing/ sell programmes/ keep Willie Isa on his toes/ make sure the kids behave/ wave the flag?

On top of all the junk/ cherished items was a small and very old National Trust bag and inside were some scraps of fabric. Just what I needed. 

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