Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Guy Came Up To Me And...

It felt a little like I was a bit subversive today, actually as a housewife I feel a bit subversive every day, but today I wasn't alone... I was at the charity shop when a young bloke came in to buy a blanket. We talked about the blanket for a bit when he asked me if I was the person who'd been talking about Build A Bear.

Build A Bear? Yes, Build A Bear... Hmmm no I don't think so. He was certain it was me as a lady had been talking with me about Princess Diana.

Oh! Bilderberg, yes, that was me.

We had a chat about conspiracy theories, David Icke and all that stuff when he wrote something on a piece of paper (a web address as it turns out) and promised to return to talk about things again. It was almost as hard to convince my colleagues that I wasn't being chatted up as it was to explain what we really were talking about! I'm not a conspiracy theorist really, but my best mate from college is so I have delved into that world a little bit. 

A little while later I was chatting with another lady and we ended up discussing Tram Sunday, which was last weekend, hopefully no explanation needed about what that is. She apologised for paying me with a note as she'd used all her change at Tram Sunday, even though she'd spent most of the day on a stall. She looked a little sheepish when I asked what the stall was, it was The Green Party. "I'm not political" she said "but things are important". I agree, things are important. I tried to put her at ease by mentioning Sea Shepherd, so she knew I was a bit lentilly too. I've to nip over for a cup of tea at their stall at Blackpool Vegan Festival, better brush up on thoughts about Important Things!

I had to promise not to turn the shop into some kind of gonzo philosophy and general oddity hangout. Although I think that ship has already sailed. 

Just for the record, we only spent £1 at Tram Sunday, not too bad. For anyone in the area this weekend, it's the Kite Festival in St Anne's this weekend 11-5 each day. It's also the tail end of the LSA Festival. There are art displays at Silantro, Second Hand Rose and Soper's (all in the St Andrew's Rd area), plus music in Ashton Gardens. 


  1. £1 is really good, well done. I spent £1.30 on some coconut mushrooms at Woodhall Spa 40's weekend and thought I'd done well x

    1. £1.30 is very good. The £1 we spent was a donation when we parked, parking was free but as there was a bucket collection we stuck some cash in. All for a good cause and all that.

  2. We also went to Tram Sunday but spent a bit more than £1 because we had lunch in Withespoons. Did you go into the tram on your photo? and did you see the knitted bumble bees and the knitted bluetit at the back? they were knitted by some of the ladies at the craft club I go too. We can't go to the kite festival this year (it was fantastic last year) I'm having the last injection in my eye on Saturday at 12.30 and on Sunday we are at a 60th birthday.

    1. Oh wow! Yes, I went in there to see the goodies. It was too busy in the Tramera Obscura though.

      The kite festival was great last year, such gorgeous weather. I think we'll be packing a picnic and nipping down for a while.

      Enjoy your weekend.