Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Under Sink Tidying

hmmm, it looked worse in the flesh

The cupboard under the sink needed the junk drawer treatment today. To round off the bad week last week I decided to do some of the jobs I'd never choose to do when I was in a good mood. Things like cleaning out the wheelie bin, fun. At the end of the cleaning session I just shoved everything into the cupboard, hoped it would stay closed, and went for a sit down. 

I was going to post today about my garden project but the photos currently make it look like the most depressing piece of garden in the nation so I'll leave it for a bit. 

It took about 5 minutes to clear, wipe and shove everything back, although I appear to have misplaced the lint roller. 

I chucked away some empty boxes, a lone rubber glove and some nearly empty things. There are more cleaning products in here than usual. Along the same lines as the shampoo issues we've had, there are many bottles and bags of laundry detergent, trial and error until we found something that didn't irritate Dan's skin. Right at the back, out of sight, is a bag of Bio D powder, I just use that for the bunny stuff as we can't use it for clothes. There's a bottle of liquid behind the floor cleaner, I use that for my handwashing as I love the smell but again, no good for Dan. When they're gone they won't be replaced. 

Behind the bottles is a basket with all the lesser used stuff, like iron and metal cleaner, stuff to waterproof our waterproof jackets and trousers, shoe cleaning stuff, bin bags and sponges. Right at the back is carpet spot cleaner, fabric refresher, a bottle of bicarb spray and a bag of moisture absorbing crystals. Most of this stuff is Astonish brand, cheap, effective and not tested on animals. The tin behind the bucket with cleaning cloths in holds my pegs. We don't have a dishwasher, so no need for tablets or anything.

And what of the junk drawer?

Not as empty as it once was but not too bad. 


  1. Good job. Makes life easier, so you can just grab what you need. Doesn't make me clean more, however, unfortunately.

  2. Some cleaning products can be used for other means - Bio washing powder brings stainless steel sinks up a treat - sometimes you can soak really dirty items in stuff you don't like then rinse and wash them properly in a little of the stuff you do like. Also laundry detergent can be used on plastic items such as window frames, kitchen fans and bins including wheelie bins if you ever needed to clean one out! I never throw any cleaning products away just re-purpose them like I do shampoo and body wash.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I have used some of the powder to soak the bunny litter trays, seems as good a way as any to use it. I'll try it on the window frames, another on my to-do list.

  3. No one can put things away properly in under sinks cupboard. Things always just get thrown back in.

    Thanks for the Weleda tips. I add that to my next order.

    1. I know, I'm already wondering how long it will remain tidy.

      Hope you enjoy your Weleda, and don't shout at me if you don't like the sea buckthorn!

  4. using washing powder to soak dirty roasting tins works very well.
    And cleaning a patio if you have one;-)
    I used to have to use special washing powder for our old dog's (RIP) bedding as he had very sensitive skin.

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