Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Week

The week has been made up of eating out, laughing, strawberry wars with the blackbirds, shorts, mystery shopping, sun, beach, The Lakes, friends and gossip, tight dresses, strict instructions, lots of football, the occasional beer, white fuchsias, rugby league calamity, New Girl, RVP, haircut, fluffy dogs, family visits, sore legs, no sleep, resisting charity shop temptations, saying yes, saying no, car heat, roses, parks, watch batteries, stocking up on that one elusive item, and all round loveliness.


  1. RVP? Van persie? It's all about Thierry Henry for me. Always had a soft spot him and Becks.

    1. Yes, I am a fan of van Persie, although it's an open secret that I love Phil Jagielka. There's even space for his football card in my jar of treasures!

      Henry is adding some glamour to the BBC panel, that's for sure. I am really enjoying the games, but I'm super tired today.