Saturday, 7 June 2014

Surprise Visitor

We decided to nip out for a few emergency provisions in order to get the weekend off to a cheery start. When we returned Dan opened the curtains (the sun streams in all afternoon so closed curtains prevent us from boiling in our skins). What did we see?

A lovely racing pigeon!

Not ideal to have it sitting there on the clothes airer, but what can you do? The bird was asleep for quite some time, then it woke and had a little stretch and a look around. Dan had a look online for information about what we should do. The homing pigeon site Dan visited assured us the bird was probably just having a rest during a race and if we wanted we could leave out some food and water. So I went out with both of those things, the bird looked at me but didn't move at all. I checked all around it to check it wasn't injured, and took the opportunity to take a few pictures and note the ring number. It was very tame and sat, totally unconcerned as I went about my business.

According to the website one ring is a racing ring, the other for ID. What I learned is that our bird was born in 2013. I think we could possibly find out more if we chose to but I haven't delved into it yet.

Our visitor stayed on the airer for about 45 minutes, obviously we don't know how long it was there beforehand. Eventually after much looking around and having a think, off it flew and that was that!

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