Saturday, 7 June 2014

No Animals Were Harmed During The Writing Of This Post

the red base of this is the giant snack!

We had a really good day out to the very beautiful Lancaster Town Hall to the North West Vegan Festival. Don't run away, this is mainly about cake! We'd never been to anything like this before and were a bit dubious and was a little out of our comfort zone, but I knew the folks from Coconut Rose Bakery were attending. They're top of the list to make my birthday cake. I wanted to taste the goods before I put all my flax-eggs in their basket.

It's probably fairly obvious why we were a bit scared about going, it's all those pictures isn't it, all the unpleasant stuff. I like the tasty bits, not the bits that make me cry. I did talk for a while to a lady from Sea Shepherd*, who was fascinating and engaging without being ranty or extreme. It's so easy to get emotional about things isn't it, whether it be saving the planet or making a loaf We navigated our way around the distressing/ political things, and examined the other stalls.

I had a make up lesson from a wonderful lady selling Bohemian Chic Minerals make up. I learned more about applying make up in the 10 minutes with her than the rest of my life. OK, enough messing about, it was lunchtime. Down the corridor was the food room. The room was pretty busy by the time we arrived. We did a circuit before choosing some things to try. We tried nettle soup *yum*, a thali (3 curries, rice, pakora, roti and a samosa), a fajita from Swampy's and some rather nice beer from Pitfield Brewery.

Onto the important part of the day, the cake. 

Dan went for a piece of hazelnut bundt cake from these very nice chaps all the way from That Old Chestnut bakery in Leeds. An excellent choice. Everything about this stall was what you'd expect from an artisan bakery, things were beautifully laid out, the branding was great, just ideal for the jaunty cake lover. Dan also went for a peanut butter bourbon cream from Coconut Rose. 

I went straight for a chocolate and violet cupcake (sorry, no photo) it was GORGEOUS!!! The whole time I was thinking about the Ananda Foods stall - home of marshmallows. I squeezed into my bag a "Round Up!" and we picked up 4 bags of mini marshmallows - chocolate and banana, 2 x vanilla and just for me, coconut. Haven't tried them yet and have to hand a couple of bags over to my brother to enjoy when he's off his juice diet. 

a bit squidged from being in my bag
There is no way that dress is going to fit!

It goes without saying but I was given nothing for writing nice things about this event or any of the stalls or products. I parted with my own cash and I'm looking forward to 13th September when the fun arrives in Blackpool

*no link to this as it is potentially upsetting/ annoying. I'm just telling you about what I did this weekend, no agenda! 


  1. Thankyou for the write-up. We were thinking of going to the event, but decided against it, so it was good to hear about what you thought of it.


    1. There were talks and even speed dating that we didn't attend. There was also a separate venue with a beer & wine festival and films, which went on until around midnight
      So potentially a full day for £2 entry.

      I would have liked stalls selling offering hard to get items though, such as shoes. Apparently there should be at least one stall like that at the Blackpool event.

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. The cakes look very tasty. I recently came across a recipe for vegetarian marshmallows so I'm going to have a go during the summer holidays. L has a vegetarian friend and they are to be my guinea pigs because I don't like marshmallows. Will let you know how we get on.

    1. Yes, please do let me know how you get on. We went to the health food/ natural food or whatever it's called, afterwards and saw there were marshmallow mixes available. They would be good for a reluctant cook such as myself!

      I didn't think I was much of a fan as I apparently am, funny the things you miss when you don't have them!