Monday, 30 June 2014

Menu Plan June 29 - July 5

We've had a hotchpotch of meals this week. Lunches have been really healthy with a big fruit salad on the go all the time, thanks to yellow sticker joy, a little salad bar with everything chopped and ready to go, a nice dressing, some toasted nuts and seeds and all that good stuff. Evening meals have been a mixture of using things up, being not too unhealthy and being quick and easy so we don't miss any of the football.

29 potato wedges w. salad and a Dee's bean burger (reduced from about £3 to 69p for two)
30 plaki w. ciabatta
1. salad w. roast veg cous cous (Dan not home for tea) 
2. roast mushrooms with lemon dressing
3. vegetable and lentil bulghur
4. chillies stuffed with beans 
5. rogan mushrooms

I'm so glad we're on the eve of July. The past two months have been so out and about and so expensive I want to be at home and I want to stop the shopping madness! Other than some chairs so we can sit out in the garden, and a tin of paint to finish the kitchen cabinet. I'm using my desire map money for those things so nothing needs to come from the main budget. Phew, time to relax I hope. 


  1. Wow you menu looks great, I must be more inventive and get some recipe books out x

    1. Thanks, I'm trying to pack plenty of veg into everything so these recipes seemed like a good choice!