Monday, 9 June 2014

Menu Plan 8-14th June

After eating so much sugar at the weekend I just want some simple food with as much veg crammed into it as possible. We're reaching back into the River Cottage Veg Everyday book to try a couple of our favourites again and rounding off with something super simple. I'm also trying to use stuff up from the pantry. We only have one portion of rice left, no pasta, hardly anything by way of tomatoes or things to make sauces. We do have a shelf full of spices and lentils though, so it's not looking too bad. 

8. houmous, avocado & salad wrap
9. shepherdess pie
10 l/o 
11 mushroom orzo or pearl barley broth (depending on the weather)
12 peppers stuffed with beans w. couscous
13 some kind of lentil curry
14 jacket potato and plaki (or tin of baked beans if I'm being lazy)

I'm still mulling over a few things in my mind from the weekend so a week of good simple food should give me lots of brain space to work it all out. 

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