Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I Never Thought I'd See The Day

I have stolen this phrase from my mother. She has taken to saying it whenever she receives a gift with the word "Nanna" written on it - this is a very very very very frequent thing as my niece loves to buy Nanna gifts. She must be the youngest shopaholic in the land. 

Anyway, this isn't a discussion of the whirlwind of gift giving, family meals out, visits, girlie chats and general family togetherness I've become embroiled in for the past 8 months. It's about gardening - because no-one is blogging about gardening at the minute are they. Yesterday I bought... a gardening magazine. Yes, yes I did. I bought it mainly because there were packets of seeds on the front cover. But I must confess I have already found out something useful and interesting from a quick skim through so there we go! 

Peering out of the window yesterday I spotted yet another plant in the "mystery plant jumble", the back bit of the garden we haven't untangled yet. On Sunday I found what I believe to be a fuschia deep in the undergrowth. It appears to be growing out of a tree so don't know what to do with that really. 

mystery plant jumble
The thing I found yesterday is a pink thing, it's very nice. 

this is the best I could do, it's windy and high up!

I think the garden originally had a system of wires to hold all these plants in place, there is evidence that there were hooks or something in the back wall. I think maybe if we could beat the garden into submission that could be something to try again. Although Father will be here for a few hours while we're away so anything could happen when I'm not there to say "STOP!"

Speaking of which, I think gardening has the potential to be the most thing baby heavy pursuit known to the world. There really is always something, I had my suspicions it would be this way and know I'm learning just how true it is. 


  1. i think your 'pink thing' is a dog rose but I might be wrong.

    1. Thank you thank you. I did an image search and I think you're right!