Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Holiday Clothes

I'm trying to unpack this as I go along, so it may not make much sense. We had our road trip to the other end of the country this weekend. I learned a lot and took a way a lot of things about my lifestyle and how the things I did on holiday could be translated into life here - more about that in the future.

I always really enjoy reading about minimalist wardrobes, Project 333 and all that stuff. for a long time I had a pretty small wardrobe, but it was just because I didn't own much clothing, nothing to do with a beautifully maintained capsule. I now own many more clothes and I'm fairly happy with it, it all fits and if I'm being honest, it's nice to see lots of things hanging in the wardrobe rather than not. For this weekend I travelled down in sandals, shorts a vest and a t-shirt, I wore a nice dress and the sandals for Saturday night as we went out for a meal, then met some of the other wedding goers for drinks. On Sunday morning and yesterday I wore a nice stripy beach dress and a different pair of sandals. In the middle I wore one of the two dresses I'd picked for the wedding.

The lessons were that I still took too much, and I was glad I didn't buy the pair of flip flops I'd been looking at. I took my inspiration from all the people on the beach and in the town who just wore what they wanted, because the important thing was fun, not fashion - the clothing was there to help facilitate the fun, rather than being something to think about while the fun was taking place. So I wore the small dress to the wedding, the larger dress remains unworn. I realised that my clothing decisions were partly made on the basis of "it doesn't matter, I'll never see anyone again". I wouldn't have thought I bothered about that, but it turns out I do. It's a funny thing isn't it. Why would it be in my mind that one set of people I don't know have no impact on my choices, but another set make me think I need/want three dresses rather than one.

Had it not been so sticky and hot on the journey down I think I'd have worn my shorts and t-shirt the whole time and left the dress in the bag. As it was, the t-shirt was pretty stinky so I decided to not wash it and keep things simple. 

Because we don't go on holiday or stay away overnight I think it was hard for me to think about how a weekend would be where I didn't have all my stuff around me. It was a bit of a revelation that part of my issue is that I have everything available to me all the time because I'm always at home. When I started to notice this, I couldn't stop noticing all the things that I didn't know were choices because I never feel like I'm picking between them. 

There is more, but not today. 


  1. I was once told that when planning for a holiday decide how many clothes and how much money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money, it has never failed me.Oh and I dress to please me anyone who does not like it can avert their eyes or wear sunnies.

  2. I love that tip about half the clothes and double the money. At least you could buy something if you didn't have it with you. So true. After many years of travelling up and down the country to visit relatives and going on holidays,I still can't pack economically. I'm better on weekends and tend to only take the amount of outfits needed for the number of days, but on week long or longer holidays it's a standing joke that I take far too much and end up not wearing much of it. I don't know if I'll ever get it right. I'd love a capsule wardrobe and to be a really bare bones packer, but I just can't do it.

    I even went on holiday for two weeks with a friend once, who only took a very small suitcase. I was so impressed at her ability to utilise a very small amount of clothes and still look fabulous all the time. Some people are just so good at this. I think I'm still too worried about fashion and caring too much what others think, even though I tend to think I don't do this.

    1. I know what you mean, it took a lot of restraint to take the minimum, my natural tendency is to have all those "what ifs" in mind and pack more just in case.

  3. I've not read your post properly but just had to say your photo looks like Ditton steps on the Transpennine Train just before Pickerings Pasture? I am a ranger on the trail and find dragging bike up and down those steps rather a pain.

    I looked up 'capsule wardrobe' on a trip to Spain carrying very little, a few years ago. I've forgotten all about it. I normally travel light anyway, cycle and backpacking holidays.

    1. I can imagine getting the bike up and down the steps to be a struggle. The picture is not of beautiful Widnes, but of Bournemouth.

      My issue with clothing is simply that I don't go on holiday so wouldn't have a clue what to pack! We settled on having a "space budget" of one bag between us, it worked well.