Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What I Learned On Holiday

According to Dan the worst thing about coming home is having to wash up. I agree. 

The best thing about coming home was that the house was clean and tidy so it looked amazing, so much space. That was also the thing I took from the holiday. The thing I enjoyed the most was the use of space - massive buildings with green spaces next to them, big shiny building with tiny brick building next to it, boats all crammed together each looking so different on closer investigation. Stuff and space, that's why it's so easy to appreciate everything.

The other thing I learned, and I think we already know this, is that it's the food and drink that sucks up the money. We took drinks and snacks with us for on the train and had a small lunch when we arrived, after that we didn't really have the option to do our own thing. Sunday was easier, we had the change to do a ton of free stuff, zipping all over the place on the train, and the only expense was food. I didn't buy anything at all, I took 300 photographs in 8 hours, but I didn't buy any trinkets to remind me of the trip.

Should we find ourselves in that area of the world again I would stay in the same place. The room was simple but lovely and so comfortable - the shower was a little like being blasted by a water cannon, it took my breath away. I spent a ton of time looking out of the window at everyone going about their business. The room also had a fridge, this is the one thing I would take advantage of next time. We stayed in Greenwich and were very close to the market so we could take a picnic out and about with us. It was fun to eat out but I didn't like being inside any more than was strictly necessary. Stuff and space.

I am seeing things afresh, I saw a new side of Dan, he was fantastic at getting us about the place, I saw a new side of myself, I was full of ideas and made things happen with great intensity. My new clothes also went down very well indeed, I felt great and received compliments, especially from the guy running the brewery tour, ha! I also appreciate the space we have here, the garden, the privacy, the silence at nice, the darkness, the huge sky and the options. Things seem possible and nothing seems scary.  


  1. A lovely post , you sound rejuvenated. Glad you had such a good time x

    1. Thank you. I really do feel great.

  2. You sound like you had a good weekend. Greenwich is a lovely part of London. The parks are great and there's lots of historic interest. We've always enjoyed ourselves when we've been there.

  3. It is a great place to stay because it has the feel of a small town. I did enjoy seeing everything on our trip out to the Olympic park, such a different feel.