Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Time To Talk

flowering in the rain!

The charity shop is in a little bit of turmoil at the minute with one thing and another. The long and short of it is that yesterday I ended up working with the woman who was my boss back in 2002/3. She's the area manager for the charity so it makes sense that our paths would cross occasionally. I thought she'd recognised me last time she came to the shop but apparently not. 

We'd been working together for a couple of hours when she asked if we'd met before. Ha! For me, the past is most certainly a foreign country so I wasn't going to mention that we knew each other, it's not really relevant. So that was weird and a bit fun. It was odd to think that in the 11 years since we saw each other so much has changed and yet in this sense, nothing has changed at all. 

I have a weird thing with people and time, I suppose a lot of people are the same, I find it hard at times to pitch a conversation. With Dan, the folk at the charity shop, anyone reading this and my best mate (who I see maybe once a year, maybe slightly less) it's really easy to talk about the tiny things of life as well as the big things. Then there are the people I talk to on a weekly or monthly basis where it's general chat plus the notable happenings. Some people I see once a year so there's plenty of news to save up so conversations topics come thick and fast. 

But then there are the others, people I see a few times a year, not often enough for them to know everything that's going on, but not infrequently enough to just talk about big stuff. That's when I find it tough, I think it goes back to the formerly nasty lady now one of my mates at the charity shop. If I'm asked what I do then it really doesn't seem like much, but that's what it is. It may sound boring but I just take things slowly. We didn't move to the seaside to spend our days rushing around and just getting things done, there's a bit of that but a lot of just being aware of how good living can be.  


  1. I can't believe your area manager did not recognise you - have you changed that much? I have never thought about who I talk to about what - now I think about it I spend more hours with my colleagues at work than with anyone else but I probably do not tell them about everything that goes on in my life - somethings remain private - whereas my best friend that died a year ago who I spoke to less frequently on the phone would know everything that was important, and major or private but none of the routine day to day.
    Oh...and you never sound boring as I have followed you from your first post way back! I really enjoy your little chats.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate you sticking with me!

      When I say "talk" I just mean chatting, not over sharing with everyone. This train of thought all comes from seeing our friend last week and realising that I've known him as long as I've known Dan but I don't know any of his interests! Weird.

      My best friend and I rarely talk about deep and meaningful things but I know he understands me and me him so it works.

      I think it was probably my voice that my ex boss recognised, I'm told it's distinctive. I do look and act very differently these days.

  2. My view on people changed when I hit 40. I don't know what happened really, I just stood back and watched people in a different light. I try not to say too much now x

    1. That's interesting, thanks for sharing. I think I'll always be a chatterbox but I'm finding it's in a different way now to in the past.