Monday, 19 May 2014

The Meaning Of... The Weekend

Bickerstaffe n The person in the office that everyone whinges about in the pub. Corporate HR departments actively recruit bickerstaffes...

Over the past little while I've found myself reaching for The Meaning of Liff on many occasions, I think it's mainly because I've been thinking "it can't just be me..." fairly frequently. Blackpool Council have a new, very shiny office building. The new building is called Bickerstaffe House.

On Saturday we wanted to get out for a while but without spending too much cash so we braved Blackpool and went to the Grundy Art Gallery to see the Puppetshow exhibition. Dan had been on a curated tour last week and knew I'd love it. My favourite part was Baby Marx, puppets of Karl Marx and Adam smith chewing the fat about Occupy Wall St., Andy Warhol and other things - it's funnier and easier to watch than that description made it sound! 

Frolesworth n Measure. The minimum time it is necessary to spend frowning in deep concentration at each picture in an art gallery in order that everyone else doesn't think you're a complete moron.

Dan's been doing quite a bit of work with art folks for the last little while and it's been interesting for a few reasons. He asked the head art woman if she ever just goes to a gallery to look at old pictures and think "that's nice" or is it all about getting into the chin scratching and understanding something that might actually just be a lightswitch. She said there is nothing better than going somewhere to discover some of the exhibits are painting of flowers or something, to just enjoy. That's good to know isn't it? here have been many occasions where frolesworth has come into play when looking at something - usually a video installation.

Trispen n. A form of intelligent grass. It grows a single tough stalk and makes its home on lawns. When it sees the lawnmower coming it lies down and pops up again after it has gone by.


I could go on and on and on - todding, upottery, wedderlairs, facebook snitters, skibbereen (not me thankfully), skagway, liniclate* all featured this weekend. The most satisfying of all was finally a description of my next door but one neighbour - 

Todber n. One whose idea of a good time is to stand behind his front hedge and give surly nods to people he doesn't know

A good weekend.

* definitions are available here


  1. This post made me smile - I can relate to some of these words or at least the types in the words. I really laughed at the last two we have that very grass and neighbour here too!