Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy Mundane, Three

It looks promising! 

I don't know if it's just because I'm solar powered, or still basking in the time away glow (can't believe it's nearly a week already) and generally feeling in love with everything, but I seem to have met with a lot of negativity this week! People I know seem so grumpy about the teeniest things, weird. 

I think the break away may have something to do with it as quite a few customers at the shop this week were here on holiday, and were delightful. We had some lovely chats, at least three people told me how lucky I am to live here and lots of people told us we were the most cheerful charity shop staff they'd met. I don't doubt that's true, we're always laughing, singing and dancing, especially on a Wednesday. Favourite sing-a-long songs are "Happy" by Pharrell Williams (of course) and oddly Bonfire Heart by James Blunt. Those songs will always remind me of this time. 

Due to being a happy sausage I also seem to have a load of energy, making up for Tuesday afternoon, so I've done a lot around the house this morning. I confess it's in part motivated by the fact one of our friends is coming round this evening. We usually go out with him on a Saturday night, but he's met someone, so we've been relegated to a takeaway in the house on a Friday. 

The benefit of this is that I've given some attention to the dining area, I love it but it doesn't always get that much time spent on it. I've cleaned the internal doors, the tea trolley, my sewing machine, the table and chairs. It's a nice reason to get to handle and enjoy all our little bits and bobs and to remember how far the house has come, rather than just how far we still have to go. 


  1. Positive thinking is always good. Even if other people are grumpy, you never know, just being around someone happy just might help a bit. :-)

    1. You're right. A customer was crying at the charity shop the other day and she said she appreciated our smiles as we made her feel better.