Saturday, 24 May 2014

At The Tip

I love going to the tip, doesn't everyone? Reminds me of spending time with Father when I was little, loading up the trailer and heading out, generally returning with some bedraggled plant or something useful. I say the tip, it's really a recycling centre as there's no actual rubbish dump here. The stuff from here that doesn't go off to be recycled ends up very close to our old house in East Lancs. Close enough to smell it in fact. The recycling centre is exceptionally clean and tidy and staffed by very friendly men, there's a holiday park right next door so at this time of year there are usually holiday makers to wave too on the way in and out too.

I brought a couple of things back, only garden bags, nothing exciting. But anything that means I can transport my garden stuff without having to buy something just to chuck away is good for me. Another positive from visiting today is that I spotted a place to deposit Tetra Pak type cartons, I don't recall seeing this before and they're not collected as part of our kerbside recycling. One less thing to throw away.

Just as we were chucking the last bits of turf into the skip the rain started, so it was pretty good timing. Before our second trip I'd arranged the remaining turf into part of the compost area and the new compost annexe under the weigela and we'd filled the other compost section with general compost stuff so there was nothing hanging around in the rain. 

We went to the library too, Dan picked up a map and guide book to Bournemouth so we can narrow down what me might do in our few free hours around the wedding. I picked up books about gardening for wildlife and one about curtain making. We're still sleeping in the spare room, it's very comfy but it would be nice to have blackout curtains. I'm planning to get some linings and use the vintage smelling fabric to make some (hopefully). This means I have to find a new back for the quilt I'm making but that won't be finished this year so there's plenty of time to find something else. 

Yesterday, inspired by someone I can't remember who, I used some lurking leeks, potatoes and a carrot Dan's Mum gave to us to make some soup. It's actually pretty nice (I'm not great with soup), so that's for tea. Dan's Mum is a stickler for use by dates, I think she will only eat things well before the date so that's why we ended up with two carrots (the other carrot was used in a bean chilli I made the other day and shoved in the freezer) 

Dan's sorted out the MOT and car tax for before we go away and I've had to deal with a very serious looking letter! It's all very small, but happy mundane, I wouldn't grumble if the rain stopped at some point over the weekend, it's not a deal breaker though.


  1. Sounds like you're having a very productive weekend already. They're always the best kind in my opinion as it then frees you other weekends to do as you please. I enjoy going to the tip too. Like yours ours is a recycling plant rather than a tip and I am always amazed at how controlled and clean it is. I do prefer it to the smelly variety of my youth.

    1. The balance is good. Being home based and busy means we have the satisfaction if getting lots done and it means when we are off gadding the "stuff to do" isn't hanging over us.

  2. Interesting to hear that there is a place nearer than Manchester to recycle Tetra Pak cartons. I enjoy going to the tip too (all our hoovers came from the tip) - sad really!
    Love from Mum

    1. I don't know where they go after they've been dropped off at the recycling centre, but it must be a newish collection point.

      It is kind of sad that people chuck away useable stuff but I suppose the abundance of waste is part if the reason thrifty types can be so thrifty.