Monday, 7 April 2014

The Haberdashery

a small selection of the buttons on offer

I was told there was a really nice fabric shop on King Street in Blackpool, so when Dan went to get his wig chopped on Friday I went with him for a putter around. I wandered up Birley Street, through the market, past the square then thought "am I in the right place". I nipped into a pet shop and spoke to a very nice man who sold me a new toy for the buns then I was off. Had a look at the soon-to-be supermarket and council offices then turned onto the street in question. There was the haberdashery, just opposite The Hop pub. I couldn't tell how nice it was as I couldn't really see inside. So I went in.

I quickly realised I wasn't in the shop the person had told me about. 

I was, in fact, somewhere far better. I spent over an hour in the shop discussing all manner of important topics with the owner. Had I wanted some fabric the chances of me being able to buy it would have been pretty slim as we were in some kind of fabric Jenga situation, so I settled for some sundries. I could have stayed all day but I had to meet Dan and she had to do some work at the circus. 

I am in no way being disrespectful about the shop, the owner is wonderful, a community champion, has extensive knowledge of dressmaking and fabric crafts (she also does classes at college, offers private workshops and does repairs from the shop), not to mention hilarious. She is in the middle of a tidy up, finish date unknown. If you need bits and bobs for sewing she will almost certainly have it in the shop, you might have to come back another day to allow time for finding it, but it will be there. Plus, there's this gorgeous cabinet (we had to shift a table and a couple of fold up chairs for me to be able to snap it).

I have since located the other shop (on Church St), run by local go-getter Dotty Delightful, it's very jaunty with some very reasonably priced craft and dressmaking workshops and a large variety of stuff, but doesn't seem quite as much fun, or bear any similarity to an assault course as far as I am aware.


  1. Amazing, my kind of shop. I love to have a good dig around and a enlightening chat with the proprietor. There are very few shops like this left unfortunately.

    1. You're right, there are plenty of very pretty shops but fewer like this and the one I visited on my birthday. Long may they prosper.

      A lady came on looking for something, she said she couldn't find it online and other fabric shops had laughed her out of the place. Guess what, it was for sale at this shop. It was under that giant pile of fabric though so the lady had to nip back for it today.

  2. Oh the buttons! the drawers!...haberdashery heaven...

    1. I have never seen such an array of buttons, it was amazing!