Tuesday, 15 April 2014

That Holiday Feeling

When I talk about stuff here, it's just the stuff that's on my mind. It's the mundane things that make up the whole, that's why there are no jaunty filters on the pictures and often no pictures at all. It is what it is. As you know we don't go away on holiday. We last went away in Spring 2009, we were nearly stranded in a snowstorm at the top of a hill in the Lakes but that's not why I didn't enjoy it, I didn't enjoy it because we'd just lost our rabbit and I was too sad. I'm not that bothered about holidays in reality but I do like that holiday feeling. You know that whatever it is that you want to hold onto for the rest of the year. 

Last weekend is the closest to a holiday I think we've ever had in my time with Dan. We started on our debt free journey a few years into our relationship so other than spending weekends with friends and things like that we didn't go away. Then we had no cash and then we had pets. The four day weekend was holiday-like. I've been trying to work out what made it feel that way. 

It couldn't be the location as we were in familiar surroundings, it wasn't really the time as we're off every weekend, it certainly wasn't the money as we didn't have much to spend. It was the small things, the things we usually take for granted, we made time for and appreciated them. Dan went out to buy some fresh bread from the town, we treated ourselves to a sandwich from a sandwich shop down a back street (I will go there again, it was one of the few times someone had asked if we were vegetarian and prepared our food separately. The Fylde is not great for non meat eaters). We fancied a hot chocolate after tea so we walked to the corner shop to buy some rather than saying we'd wait until the next supermarket trip. We drank tea outside and had a stroll on the prom, I chatted to a lady in a charity shop (and bought bargain dresses) Dan went to the tip and we slept in the spare room. 

It was just doing all the stuff we talk a lot about wanting to do but then never just do them. We never usually do anything at Easter other than watch Widnes twice but this year I'm really looking forward to it. We will be ditching the car as much as possible and just seeing what happens, I've already decided I want chips! 


  1. I like sleeping in our spare room occasionally. It feels different and if I'm having trouble sleeping for some reason it saves me disturbing OH. Usually I find I can get to sleep easier as it clears my mind being in a different environment. It's nice to have the luxury of it.

    1. It is a luxury to have a spare room, we have never had a room big enough for a double bed before. Our spare room is at the front of the house, so it gets the sun in the morning, it's nice to be woken up like that. It's a lovely feeling, totally different to the cosy hole that is our main room.

  2. I agree with you in that holidays don't have to mean flying off abroad to some hotel- holidaying at home can be just as much fun if you see your normal location like a tourist would and go to all the local places that you never get to go to normally. I also think that having four days off helps you to relax more than on a normal 2 day weekend and I think it must have been really great to sleep in your sunny spare room so it felt much more like being on holiday.
    PS I like the way you talk about stuff with or without pictures!

    1. Thank you :)

      Having four days off is great for us, it's a nice period to relax but not so long that we start to have any expectations about things. Never thought about it like that before.

      Glad we bought an ice lolly from the beach kiosk when we did, it was very busy today.