Monday, 21 April 2014

Small Things

Our weekend has been scaled back a little as I've not been feeling great. We've still done the small things though 

Cleaned the top of the kitchen cupboards

Mystery shopped two pubs, which included visiting somewhere we'd never been before

Weeded the largest flowerbed

Sewed a few blocks of an almost forgotten quilt

Visited the library

Went to the Lancashire market, met some great people and picked up a gift for Father's birthday

Made some rabbit toys (now destroyed)


I even left my phone at home so I didn't spend the whole time taking photographs, that simple act was so relaxing even though I love to have a reminder of our days. That's that, simply nothing to report!


  1. The simple relaxing days are sometimes the best. I do hope you're feeling completely better now. It sounds like you've done lots of productive things anyway. I hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks, feeling much better today, still a bit wobbly. Hope you enjoy your week too.

  2. I really like the tone of your Blog, it's so relaxing. I'm like you, I haven't gone away anywhere this Bank Holiday and have just kicked back and done little things out of the routine, plus a pile of cleaning...! But I've loved it nonetheless and feel completely refreshed. Who needs expensive holidays eh?

    1. It's so weird how getting some household tasks done doesn't feel as bad during a holiday weekend as it does the rest of the time. Maybe it's because I know everyone else is doing it too!

      Glad you've had a relaxing weekend, so good to go into a new week feeling refreshed.

  3. That's more than I do. I felt exhausted reading it. Ha! Ha!