Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sideboard Update

After my whatever that was last week where I wanted to get rid of everything in the house and finding out that Dan really likes the sideboard I decided to make it work. 

When we tidied the garage the other day I unearthed a little metal platform/shelf thing to go along with the small metal shelf thing I already had in the house. 

it's a bit soft focus for some reason

I also appropriated a biscuit tin, given to us by our friend when she came to stay last year. The lid is being used as a tray for some small boxes, fabric paint etc and the main bit holds my lino cutting stuff and other bits and bobs. I also use these very useful items

They're the feet from our old sofa! Until we got rid of it I really thought the feet were wood. It wasn't until we removed them to get it through the door that I knew they were in fact plastic, ideal for storing bits and bobs. Using these few things the storage potential increased no end. I now have a suitable space for my craft stuff.

basting pins and clips stored at the back as I only use them once a year

There's even room on the bottom shelf for the colouring books I bought for my birthday from Fred Aldous and some other things like the pulled work sampler I picked up for £4 from a charity shop in Hebden Bridge the other weekend. 


  1. That's a fabulous use of things you already had. I love your sideboard!

  2. I love it when a plan comes together.
    Love from Mum

  3. Love your sideboard, got proper sideboard envy and I didn't even know that existed! Great Blog by the way, am a new reader.

  4. Hello, thanks for reading and nipping in to say hi!

    Apologies for the sideboard envy, you wouldn't have felt that way had you seen it before :)