Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Round Up

With all the excitement of ditching the menu plan and so on I forgot to think about what we bought last week. I know we bought some bread, greens and houmous from the co-op and spent about £4 and we spent £23.33 at the supermarket. So we were right up around the £190 budget which considering the pantry restock and things I'm pretty pleased. 

We're ditching the weekly shopping trip to and just going as and when. What with wanting to avoid the tyranny of the fridge and the amount of times we're out somewhere and there's a nice roadside sale, market or other source of nice looking stuff that we can[t take advantage of due to having been to the supermarket, it seems to make sense. I say that now, when it's raining I''m sure I'll feel differently. It means I'll be doing a lot more shopping on my own as I can go to the monthly market and the greengrocer during the day when Dan's at work, but that's good too as I need the push to get me out walking. 

I have no idea how April is going to work out, I'm going to do a reverse menu plan or whatever you'd call keeping a not of what we really did eat, rather than what we thought we should eat. Will there be any difference? Who knows, not me! 


  1. If you jot down what you actually do eat this month you can probably use the information to not plan the following month!

    1. That's part of my thought process. It'll be interesting to see what I'm drawn to prepare then it should provide inspiration for the future.

      Reading this back it was a very bland update, I think my language skills diminish the more tired I am!