Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bargains or Not-Bargains

Whether these are bargains or not very much depends on your point of view. I went back to the charity shop this morning to buy the three skirts I'd seen there yesterday. They weren't very cheap, I paid £20 for the three, and skirts are only on my secondary "wants" list but I mentioned it to Dan and he was extra keen on me getting them, so that tipped me over the edge and I did. 

I am entitled to a discount, but I didn't take it. Am I daft? I probably am as I could have saved around £4 but the shop exists to raise money. I'd be well annoyed if I was working hard every week* and everyone was getting extra cheap stuff, or the stuff we donated was going for next to nothing. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way but there you go. 

I also went to the library to return some gardening books and upon my return the postman had delivered a little gift from Coby, as a thank you for the Easter gift we'd sent to the other bunnies at the rescue.

*I don't work hard every week but you get the point I'm making. 


  1. Sweet little bunny and I am with you on giving the charity shop all you can.

  2. Thanks for nipping in. I love the little bunny, it's brightened a bit of a gloomy day.

  3. Definitely a bargain, and quite right about the discount, you got them a great price anyway! Cute bunny!

    1. I've tried them on again and I'm really happy with them (one of the Boden skirts is visible just behind the bunny). So much for me taking your advice and sticking to a list!