Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Menu

I didn't do a menu plan this month, but other than one day I can't remember, I took a note of what we ate. There's nothing super exciting in there. the nicest thing was the tamarind and chipotle roasted tofu. It was delicious! Some with salad and the leftovers on a sandwich, yum yum yum. 

The main thing I've learned from this is that we weren't as focused on food. There were quite a few days we were happy with a sandwich, we didn't think about shopping all that much and we did a lot more "chuck it in and see" meals which was great. I'm not planning again next month as the other bonus was that we came in well under budget. 

1. roast veg and butterbeans in tomato and rosemary sauce w. avocado and ciabatta
2. green lentil hot pot w. celeriac and potato topping. 
3. burrito
4. pizza
5. sandwich

6. sandwich
7. beans on toast
8. roast
9. roast (requested by Dan as he enjoyed the first one so much)
10 bns and spinach curry
11 out
12 tamarind & chipotle roast tofu w. salad

13 puy lentil pasty w. roast veg
14  enchiladas
15 ?
16 pasta
17 chilli 
18 brushetta w avocado
19 sausage and beans *yum*

20 roast
21 curry w. naan
22 lentil stuffed peppers
23 hotpot
24 peri peri rice w black eyed beans and v-pud
25 tea and toast (massive lunch when we were in Buxton)
26 soup and sandwich
27 out

28 nut roast
29 plaki w. roast veg
30 puy lentil pasties w. l/o roast veg


  1. Some really lovely things in there, your menus are very inspirational!

    1. That's very nice of you to say.

      This month has seemed very easy. I think being determined not to waste anything without a plan spurred me on.