Monday, 7 April 2014

A Bit Thrift, A Lot Deluxe

I'm not going to end this with the expensive punchline, I'll get it out of the way first.

I spent £17.50 on a bottle of shower gel. 

No-one talked me into it, not the salesman who offered me fruit tea or pink wine and squirted us with stuff, not the guilt factor of being in a fancy shop with no intention of buying anything. Dan heavily encouraged me that is true, but I just said "why not"? I know now that a really good reason why is that it was seventeen and a half quid for soap and there need be no more reason why not, but we are where we are.

It's probably the most extreme thing I've done as part of the life audit/desire map so far. As I mentioned a while ago I wanted to work through all the toiletries that have piled up over the last little while. Well, the shower gel I was using (a gift) made me smell like an old lady. And I mean an old lady when I was little when old ladies were old, not the fun let-your-hair-down types they are now, I was one step away from buying a bottle of Tweed. So now that's bathroom cleaner, and when I have a shower I smell of almonds. 

I know no bathing product is really worth that amount of money but it's had an amazing effect. The house as well as my body has undergone a little bit of a transformation since I bought it. All the little "it'll do" decisions that had started creeping in are being dealt with. Things have been put away properly, not just put away, things have been primped and straightened and I have felt amazing. Radiant. 

The radiance may also have something to do with the dozen or so free samples of very nice stuff we were given along with the shower gel. I have been pampered this weekend. I even spent some more of my life audit money on some organic cotton yoga pants when we stopped off for a bit in Hebden Bridge on our way to the rugby yesterday, just for wearing around the house. I received a bit of a discount because the shop owner had a really bad hangover and she couldn't be bothered to correct her mistake on the till! 

Prior to these moments of insanity I'd snapped up a few bargains. I went to the Lancashire market on Thursday for some v-pud, the black pudding stall had the largest queue in town, which made for a very happy stallholder. After that I went into "my" charity shop and bought a sheet I'd had my eye on when I was last in there. It was on the sale rail so it was only 99p. (For anyone in the area, a designer and new with tags sale starts today). On my way home I went to the craft shop where the usually silent owner was very jovial which was lovely. I spotted a sale bin and picked up a metre and a half of fabric for something or other. So a big pile of fabric for £8.74. 

the orange one's the sheet

close up of the grey dotty one

The grey dotty one was £5 for a metre, I think I might use that to make something to wear if and when I ever get my sewing machine. After spending £17.50 on a shower gel, it may take a while to save up!

Oh wow, all this and I haven't even mentioned what happened when I went to Blackpool... I have photographic evidence of that, for another post. 


  1. Good for you. I'm looking forward to splashing out on some decent toiletries as a treat now and again once my challenge has finished. I love the grey fabric. I think I have a purple version of the sheet in my linen collection. If not the same design then very similar. Such a bargain at 99p and if you use it for the fabric there'll be lots of it.

    1. Thanks. Even in the middle of our debt repayments we bought nice toiletries but over the last couple of years we've started buying cheaper stuff. I have no idea why. I look around at the half full bottles that are going to be used as shower cleaner and the hair products that just haven't worked and I think if we'd just bought the stuff we like in the first place we wouldn't have spent much more money and there would be no waste.

      The sheet is lovely quality, judging by the label it's been washed many, many times. I think I'm going to use some of it to back the quilt I'm making for myself and I don't know what I'll do with the rest. Something will present itself.

  2. There must be something in the air. I spent £32 on shampoo and conditioner whilst at the hairdressers last week. When I got home and told J how much I had spent he was actually pleased that I'd spent some money on myself, pointing out that I wouldn't have had the money to spend if we still had the car - he's right. I would never have spent that amount on myself before. My hair is suffering with the menopause, yet is heaps better after salon products have been used on it, so it was well worth it - and they are huge bottles which will probably last a year each as I only need to use a tiny amount.
    Your fabrics are lovely!

    1. That's what Dan said to me. So often when I treat myself it's really buying something we want/need for the house rather than being just for me.

      I buy hair styling products from the salon, as you say they last for ages as such a small amount is needed. My hair is very short and very fine so a good product helps lots.

      Hope you enjoy using your products and that they do the trick.

  3. Sometimes you just have to let loose and realise you are worth it.

  4. I love almondy toiletries - they're so worth it and Tweed, well there's the name of a perfume that I haven't heard in years ! x

    1. There was a very old bottle of Tweed donated tp the shop last week, that's why it was in my mind.