Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The End of the Experiment

As we're approaching week three of River Cottage week it has become clear that I don't want to eat the risoniotto at this point and we don't have anything to go with the potato layer thing. We certainly will at some point, just not this week.

Having the idea of following the book has been brilliant though. The recipes we did try were all delicious and they'll be added to future menu plans and there are many others in the book we're looking forward to trying over the course of the year. I will tweak some of the ingredients a little for some added protein but other than that I have been pleasantly surprised (as I have mentioned before) at how inexpensive the dishes are to make, just normal veg and normal pantry ingredients. Cooking instructions for dried or tinned beans and all those little things that make things simple. 

The other great thing is how it's made me think about cooking and ingredients in general and also about the meals we eat that I've really missed. It seems a little bit of creative deprivation has been a very good thing. Just thinking that there were certain things we wouldn't be eating this month has made me appreciate these staples a lot more. 

Speaking of things I've missed, I haven't found the lost thing but I have found a work around. I say I have, I mean Dan did. Just for the record, the dining table is clear and my quilting bag is tidy, let's hope it's as successful as the junk drawer. 


  1. I have been trying out the recipes in A Girl Called Jack's book and they are fabulous too. Cheap, quick and easy, just what I like ;) x

    1. I've not seen it yet, I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the mini review.