Thursday, 6 March 2014

River Cottage Week, Pearl Barley Broth

No photos, I don't photograph food, imagine a bowl of soup, that's what it looked like. 

The worst thing about making this was that it was the first time I'd chopped anything since hurting my hand, so my hand was aching by the time I'd chopped the onions, celery, carrot and parsnip! We started the week with this as I knew this would be the meal to drop off if my enthusiasm diminished, after all the name isn't all that exciting, it sounds a bit austere. 

It was simple to make, the main work was all the chopping and the not getting stuff all over the book. It didn't generate much washing up which is also a good thing. Other than mace which I'd never used before all the ingredients were things we'd generally have in the pantry so no one use ingredients were needed. 

Taste-wise it really was delicious. The broth is flavoured with cayenne, thyme, mace, nutmeg and coriander so there are some really nice warming flavours in there. The texture was good too, the pearl barley adds a nice texture which keeps things interesting. We had some bread hanging around so I made some croutons, they added an extra layer of yum. I followed the recipe exactly which means there was more than enough for one meal for two of us. We'll be eating it again tonight, which is good as we're going to watch Widnes. 

Would I make this again? Yes, with tweaks. My main concern about the recipes in this book is that they feel a little protein light and I was worried I'd feel hungry later in the evening. With this I did feel hungry and by this morning I was desperate for my breakfast. Next time I'll use half the barley and top up with quinoa and some butterbeans or something like that, Dan said a bit of cheese on toast on the side would be good too. All in all a really tasty, inexpensive and warming meal. A winner!


  1. I like Pearl Barley but don't use it very often - I must remember to put it on my shopping list.

    1. We hadn't eaten it for a while so I really enjoyed it this week. It adds a lot for such an inexpensive ingredient.