Wednesday, 12 March 2014

River Cottage Week Continues

It's still not over, I know, it feels like forever.

Now it's not the weekend, the sun is out and I feel happy the cooking is back on track. I cooked two things on Monday so I didn't have to prepare anything when I got home from the charity shop yesterday and I'm glad I did.

On Monday night we tried Curried Bubble and Squeak scroll down for the recipe. Very simple to make, no special ingredients required and if you're using leftover potatoes and veg then it's a one pan dish too. I used potatoes and cauliflower in mine, we have a huge cauli and it seemed sensible to use some of it here, I love cauliflower and curry. I also used green beans instead of general greens as I'd bought some for the stew so these were left over. As we were having this as the main dish I added some Quorn squares too as they were languishing in the freezer. 

Verdict - another winner! It was very tasty, simple, no fuss, full of the flavours we like and endlessly adaptable. Next time I think I will add a little bit of liquid to the pan or mash the veg more for for a more mushy texture. This time I just left everything chunky but for extra comfort food points mashed would be good. Dan loved it too, I can see this being a staple for when we fancy a bit of junk food.

On to Tuesday and the much talked about Porotos Granados here's a link to the recipe. I thought this was going to be a bit more fiddly than the other things I've made from the book, but I was wrong. Another really easy recipe. Once the onions are cooked (Hugh uses many onions in this book) it's pretty much a case of sling it all in - squash, sweetcorn, beans, stock, paprika and oregano. As I mentioned the other day I was a bit worried I'd added too much stock and it would feel a bit thin, but after a night in the fridge the consistency was ideal. 

The verdict - yum yum yum. I really wanted potatoes again last night so I just roasted a spud each in some rosemary oil and that was that. The flavours worked so well together, it was light but substantial, really tasty, warming without feeling wintery or stodgy and exactly the kind of thing to make me want seconds. I will certainly be making this again. It's a really good meal for a sunny but cool day, just like yesterday, ideal for days when we go out for a walk or have a full day gardening or doing DIY. Next time I think we'll serve it just with a bit of bread on the side, should work a treat. 

A big thank you for the comments yesterday, it was really interesting and plenty of food for thought.


  1. I love cauliflower but no one else at home does. I might try your suggest so that I can encourage them to eat it!

    1. If covering something in curry doesn't help I don't know what will!

      Cauliflower is one of my favourite veg. Really versatile, can cope with strong flavours and looks like a brain.

  2. Oooh, the curried bubble and squeak sounds like a nice idea. I might try it.

    1. It's really nice, give us your verdict if you do give it a go.