Friday, 21 March 2014

New Scarf

I've mentioned a few times that I'm sorting out my clothing in an attempt to look less scruffy/relaxed and I think a lot of that, for me, is about accessories. Jewellery gets on my nerves and never lasts the day, but I do like badges, brooches, scarves and things like that. 

We have set a bit of our budget aside each month for me to build my new wardrobe (or to spend on whatever I like). This month I spent it on some Tevas, I wanted something I could walk for miles in but that weren't too clunky and that I could wear on the beach. They fit the bill well, I'm made up with them.

Back to scarves, I've seen a few I like but they were over £10 each, which is a bit much. I am keeping an eye out at the charity shop where I could get a few for a tenner, but no luck yet. Yesterday I saw someone with a beautiful mid-Century style one, absolutely gorgeous, she was a craft teacher. Then I thought "hang on, I do crafts, could I make a scarf..?" Answer, yes I could!

A sewing machine would have made this a 30 minute task but as I don't have one it took me the whole of Warrington v Wigan. I used some of the fabric I bought for my birthday from Abakhan. I finished it off with a badge I got from the Platform Gallery in 2012 and off we go. 

  I have decided to save my clothing money for the next little while and use it to buy a sewing machine. I won't use it for quilting as long as I can continue to quilt by hand, but I will use it for household things and hopefully for a few things to wear. 


  1. Pretty scarf. It's great when you make your own clothes. You know that you won't see anyone else wearing the same thing and it is very satisfying if you're happy with the finish. I really need to get my dressmaking mojo back this year.

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased as it was a spur of the moment thing.

      I'm looking forward to attempting to make something to wear, even if it's only one thing. I have made clothes before but not for about 20 when I was at college I think. I know it's going to be harder than I think but if I go for something simple I'm sure it'll be fine.

  2. Nice scarf. Making your own clothes is fun. Last year I made our daughter's Pincer Charming costume. I was daunted at first, although I'd made clothes before, but I took my time and got there. I felt so proud when I'd finished it and she was wearing it at all the local galas.

    1. Thanks. I'll take your advice and take my time. I can imagine you felt proud watching the performances, well done!