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March Shopping Week Two

Outside the grocery budget it's been quite an expensive week. We've booked the hotel for Bournemouth and had the car serviced. That's the two biggest expenses (unless there's an emergency) of the year over and done with.

The next week was supposed to be cooking from the Indian Veggie cookbook, but as the last cook from the book has taken longer than expected we've had to rejiggle. There are still a couple of River Cottage recipes to make, then we're going to just have simple stuff over the weekend. Then to see us to next Wednesday it's going to be a case of using up everything we have in the house ready to start again.

In terms of groceries, this is what happened -
£ 3.50 f&v broccoli, tomatoes
£ 5.26 dairy and non-dairy milk, almond milk (almond milk is 3 for £3 again)
£ 6.25 bread (full freezer!)
£ 6.49 pantry chutney, tinned beans, tacos
£ 7.79 lentils and things v-pud, falafel, omega burgers
£ 1.41 junk
£ 1.90 non-food daffodils, handwash


Running Total £113.48

We have been working up good appetites walking this weekend. Today we walked to Lytham and back, in the wind and rain on the return! Yesterday we started off visiting the "Atom" Panopticon in Wycoller Country Park. Wow, it was windy at the top of the hill! We parked up at the Trawden side (watch out for witches) so had to tramp up the hill. The Haworth side has a very nicely situated carpark.

We were then going to have a look around Skipton as it's somewhere we never visit but when we got there we didn't really fancy the look of it and remembered why we don't make the effort to visit (I know it's very popular, I'm sure it's lovely, just not for me) so we went to Settle instead and it was fab. I haven't been able to extract the photographs from the camera yet but we saw a very nice little gallery there, it was worth the small walk up a fairly steep hill...