Thursday, 20 March 2014

March Shopping Week Three and Menu Plan

We've done a menu plan for the next week (Thursday to Thursday) as we've been a bit all over the place this week and it's been a bit "grab and go". We're trying a few new recipes. Some are from Vegetarian Living Magazine, some are from "Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast", the book I talked about a while ago that came from The Book People. Finally there are a couple of junky things that we just wanted. 

Th. Mexican bean and tortilla bake extra will be frozen for Tuesday
F. lentil bol
S.  pizza
Su. soup w. falafel toasties
M. Rogan Mushrooms
T. blackened tofu w. bean bake
W. tofu tikka masala it's supposed to be paneer but we'll have tofu left over from the night before
Th. use-it-up one pot rice or quinoa with whatever's left in the fridge

It seemed like we spent a lot this week, although the pantry is looking very plump so I can't complain. 

£10.78 f&v the usual - broccoli, onions, lemons, many many mushrooms, salad etc
£ 3.55 dairy and non-dairy milks, d/f spread
£  .90 bread
£12.77 pantry spices, cereal, spaghetti, porridge, tortilla chips, passata
£ 7.14 lentils and things tofu, assorted beans
£  .52 drinks 
£  .36 junk chocolate bar

total £36.02

running total £149.50

Oooh, that's very dull, here's a nice picture of the beach


  1. That's a very nice picture of the beach!
    Love from Mum :)

    1. Thanks Mum, it was a gorgeous day, you can probably guess I didn't take it yesterday!