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Just Like Everyone Else

As the sun is out I can see the dust so like everyone else (or so it seems) I am doing a spot of spring cleaning. The big and boring things like washing the mattress topper, cleaning on top of things, wiping ignored surfaces and maybe even behind the fridge, but probably not. We've also been doing a bit in the garden, mainly removing the thick covering of leaves that have sat around for months. I'm working on spending a little time every day in the garden, even if it's only a couple of minutes, just to get into the swing of it. 

I'm also catching up a bit on the cooking. Currently simmering away is a pan of porotos granados and some potatoes and cauli for curried bubble and squeak. The squash stew smells fine but it looks nothing like the picture so we shall see. That's on the menu for tomorrow, the recipe states it benefits from sitting in the fridge for a day before eating so it should be ideal for when I get home from the charity shop. the bubble and squeak is for tonight. It feels like a long time since we had curry so I'm really looking forward to it.

That's it!


  1. Porotos Granados? I've never heard of that. I have to be a bit careful what I feed husband on, he's diabetic (although he doesn't care what he eats) and I once made a typical Lancashire Butter Pie, because I had nothing in at the time and he asked me what was in that pie apart from potatoes? Hmmmm, as there was lots of cheese and onions, I was a bit miffed.

    Love a bit of curry myself, although would prefer spicy not hot rather than hot burn the mouth out stuff.

    1. Porotos Granados (I'm not sure that's the right spelling) is just a bean and squash stew with paprika.

      Butter Pie is a "thing" in our house. I'd never heard of them until we moved to near Burnley then when Dan explained it to me I thought it sounded like the weirdest thing in the world! Then again, I said that about benedictine and hot water.

      I like a nice spicy curry too, I can take the heat but I like it when the different spices are apparent. The curried bubble and squeak went down well.


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